About, use of this service

Joy Gospel Radio

You are, by implication agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy while continuing the use of this service and all applications of Joy Radio Missions NPC, trading as: Joy Gospel Radio.

The App, 'Joy World', is provided as is and there is no guarantee that the app will perform without errors, neither is there any guarantee that the streaming software and services that enable the App to work as intended, is or will be available. The user can check certain aspects on their own to determine if a stable internet connection is available and that their device is performing optimally.  

Streaming Media, Quality and Content

The Joy World application is purely a source to deliver audio content to the listener (in this case the user) as it is broadcast-ed by a number of independent individuals or organizations, hereafter Presenters, via streaming services on the internet. The Presenters act according to their own discretion, opinions, conviction abilities, and use and rely on their own electronic equipment, e.g. computers, laptops, mobile devices, microphones, internet providers, or other electronic or sound equipment to broadcast their programs. The organization's, Joy Radio Missions, trading as: Joy Gospel Radio, and/or the developer, BRLOGIC can therefore, firstly, not be held responsible for the sound quality, availability or clarity of their broadcasts. 

Secondly, Joy Gospel Radio as an organization, the Owner, CEO and Director, do not endorse the opinions or convictions of any PRESENTER, and their streamed content or broadcasts are not necessarily the views of Joy Radio Missions or of the Owner and Director. Joy Radio Missions,  may however at it's sole discretion disallow or refuse access of the broadcasting services to the Presenters who do not adhere to ethical conduct, or is found to be in contradiction of the policies, statement of faith, or other agreements that is upheld by Joy Radio Missions NPC.